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                Home About Us Business Profile Corporate Culture Cooperation Partner
                Corporation profile
                China Aerospace Construction Group Corporation, Ltd (also name Seventh Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation,Hereinafter call Aerospace Construction Group ) is founded in 1965 (Formerly known as seventh Academy ... [more]
                Qualifications of enterprise  
                The corporation own National Engineering Design Composite Grade-A Qualification Certificate, National Grade-A Engineering Consultation Qualification Certificate, Grade-A Qualification Certificate of Urban and Rural Planning, Grade-A Cost Consultation Qualification Certificate, Engineering Exploration Composite Grade-A Qualification Certificate, Engineering Surveying Grade-A Qualification Certificate Geological Disaster Evaluation Grade-A Qualification Certificate, House building Engineering... [more]
                Corporate Culture  
                Adhering to the half century’s profound accumulation, rooted in fertile soil of the spiritual culture of china aerospace, the China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd. has trained and formed a corporate culture system of rich space characteristics and building enterprise characteristics. “Strengthening the army by relying on science & technology and ... [more]
                Cooperation partner
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